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Corporate Advisory:  Invicta draws on its extensive knowledge and experience of the legal, banking and accounting issues commonly arising in all media sectors, to advise both private and corporate clients in mergers, acquisitions and management buy outs. This capability has recently been augmented with Invicta's growing ability to inject equity capital into a transaction.

Film: Through the provision of debt, equity and structured finance, Invicta has developed an influential position in the UK and US film industries. Invicta advises private clients and corporations on equity and tax efficient investments in film production and distribution.

Invicta enjoys strong relationships with decision makers in the major UK and US film production and distribution companies and has a proven track record for successfully completing complex cross border financing of film productions and international distribution arrangements.

Invicta has raised over £1.4 billion for projects in the film sector since 2001.

Projects successfully completed by Invicta include:

  • 10,000 BC, 2008
  • Fred Claus, 2008
  • James Bond Casino Royal, 2007
  • Da Vinci Code, 2006
  • Wallace & Grommit: Curse of the Were Rabbit, 2006
  • Match Point, 2005
  • Valiant, 2005
  • Layer Cake, 2004
  • Fifty First Kisses, 2004
  • Big Fish, 2003
  • Something's Gotta Give, 2003
  • My House in Umbria, 2003
  • Intermission, 2003
  • Reign of Fire, 2002
  • Gathering Storm, 2002
  • Callas Forever, 2002

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