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Invicta has developed significant contacts in the Energy sector and this combined with the ongoing engagement of external experts provides a strong platform to access exciting opportunities in this market place'. 

STOR Energy

The STOR generation network consists of a large number of small diesel generators that are contracted with National Grid to come on-line quickly to help stabilise grid frequency. The STOR generation network is used by National Grid to complement the grid helping balance system frequency and to cover any supply shortfall when demand exceeds forecast.

The need for STOR energy is expected to experience significant growth over the coming years due to increasing structural issues facing the UK electricity market and increased dependence on renewable energy generation such as wind energy, which experiences supply fluctuations.

The Invicta Capital STOR Energy EIS investment strategy is the acquisition and operation of Mega Watt scale diesel generating sets positioned on targeted grid connection sites within the UK that can operate as part of the STOR network.


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